I should have said something

I love Brooklyn.  Especially in the summer.  I don’t know what it is, but when I walk at night and the air smells sweet and people are out and about; hanging out on stoops and that brick half-wall by the TD bank drinking energy drinks, for some reason it just makes me smile inside.  We are no longer trapped in our homes because of the freezing cold air that prevents anyone from wanting to go anywhere at all.  Some might call it the change of season.  I call it magic.  But like all magic, there is often a sleight of hand. In this particular case, I found it to be with the group of teenage boys that were hanging out outside the Neergard Pharmacy on 9th St and 5th Ave.  Magic killers.  I would first of all like to note that the day of the week, today, is Tuesday.  It’s not even end-of-the-week-hang-out-and-harrass-people-time, it’s too soon in the week for that.  A Thursday, Friday or Saturday night would seem more reasonable, even.  But, for some reason, teenage boys like to shit on everything that walks by them.  Worse than goddamned pigeons.  Goddammit!   So here you go: I’m on my way home from this lovely walk that I’ve been having in my neighborhood.  Falling more and more in love with every step and I get to the fated magic-killing zone.  It’s a group of teenage boys.  I figure I will just keep jammin’ on my ipod with Tracy Chapman, walk by no problem.  First of all, one of them steps in front of me so I have to walk through the group, and as I’m passing through, their “leader”, who, I would like to add, is perched upon the mechanical pony ride they have outside for kids, and says something along the lines of, “Fucking bitch something something something something.” I only needed to really hear the first two words anyway because I doubt the rest of what he was saying was a compliment.  He wasn’t saying, “Fucking bitch you must be working out because you are looking incredibly fit.” OR “Fucking bitch I baked some cookies for you and they’re at my house wrapped in colored saran wrap.” OR “Fucking bitch I’d really like to make you poached eggs for breakfast tomorrow.”  Well, I did what I usually do, which is ignore whatever anyone of the male species says to me while I am specifically not paying attention to them because it’s never good.  Honestly, it didn’t really faze me, until I realized that it’s so beyond inappropriate to speak to someone like that, I don’t care who they are.  I walked another block and then I stopped for a solid minute wondering to myself if I should walk back to him and ask him to repeat what he’d said to me earlier.  I turned around, and headed back toward Neergard and was working out what I would say in my head.  Once I got back, their clump had broken up and Leader just looked so sad on that pony, all by himself without a nickel to spare to actually ride the ride.  Poor little guy.  I was also afraid for myself it I wouldn’t have been able to get him to admit that he’d actually said something. I worked out comebacks the entire way home.

I should have said something

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